Gabby Petito's Mother Files Claim For Her Daughter's Possessions

Gabby Petito's mom Nichole Schmidt has filed a claim to get back her murdered daughter's belongings as part of a petition by Brian Laundrie's parents to gain access to his $20,000 estate.

Laundrie family attorney Steven Bertolino has since confirmed the family will not contest Nichole Schmidt's claim.
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"This is a mere formality. Mrs. Schmidt is seeking Gabby's possessions," Bertolino said.

According to the lawyer, Nichole is requesting to recover all of 23-year-old Gabby's belongings from the Laundrie home in North Port.

"Arrangements will be made, and they will be given to Gabby's family without contest," Bertolino told The Sun.

On Tuesday, court records showed Gabby's mom Nichole filed a statement in Sarasota County, Florida, regarding Laundrie's estate battle.

The text of the claim doesn't refer to specific articles of Gabby's, so it's not known which of her belongings may be included in the suit.

"The basis for the claim is possession or control of personal property of Gabby Petito," the claim reads. "The amount of the claim is unknown and is both now due and will become due on the release of personal property."
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"The claim is contingent or unliquidated because it is unknown if the decedent's final photos, videos and words are contained in the property," it adds.

The news comes after Chris and Roberta Laundrie filed a petition on December 8 to gain access to their son's estate. The couple is asking to become administrators of his estate.

The records show they submitted Laundrie's death certificate in court along with information about his bank accounts and property.

Court records showed Laundrie had $20,000 in his bank account when he died, even though he allegedly spent $1,000 on Gabby's credit card after her death.
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It comes as Petito's family have said they didn't see any "red flags" in Petito's relationship with Laundrie.

In an exclusive interview with talk-show host Dr. Oz, Petito's parents and step-parents opened up about the aftermath of the case, and whether they ever suspected the travel vlogger was being abused by her fiancé.

Schmidt said she wished her daughter had been honest with her about what was going on.
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"I don't know why Gabby didn't open up to me about certain things," she said. "We just didn't see any red flags."

Petito's remains were found in Grand Teton National Park on September 19, 2021, after the 22-year-old went missing during a road trip with her fiance. Teton County Coroner announced that she died from strangulation.

Petito's fiancé, 23-year-old Laundrie, was the subject of a nationwide manhunt before his remains were discovered in Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park on October 21 2021, where he likely died by suicide.

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