Funeral Held For Forsaken Vietnam Veteran, Attendees Awestruck As Church Doors Burst Open

It's always sad to realize how many veterans are forsaken after returning home from war. These men and women fought to keep their country safe only to return to an unforgiving and unwelcoming environment.
As a veteran of the Vietnam War, John T. Fitzmaurice has experienced this harsh reality first-hand. Fitzmaurice served in the U.S. Army only to become homeless later in life. He eventually passed away at the age of 68.

Fitzmaurice didn't have many friends or family members who knew his whereabouts. In fact, there was no one present to mourn his passing. Nobody even claimed his body after his death.

Not many people were expected to attend his funeral.
A group of students from a local high school decided to help honor this veteran's memory. They didn't think that a service member should have to suffer an empty funeral. A group of students from Catholic Memorial High School attended the funeral to pay their respects to the memory of Fitzmaurice. These students from West Roxbury, Massachusetts also decided to carry his casket.

Fitzmaurice was laid to rest at the Massachusetts Veterans Memorial Cemetery located in Winchendon. Before the burial ceremony, he was honored with a full mass in a chapel nearby. The high school students volunteered to stand in for the family of the Fitzmaurice.

The group of boys was proud to perform these duties with diligence and respect.

Marcus Millers, a spokesman for the school, held an interview with Inside Edition. Millers reported that the boys were honored to be able to stand in for this brave veteran who didn't have any family at the funeral. He also stated that this gesture was a lesson in honoring the humanity of each individual.
Students from the high school acted as Fitzmaurice's pallbearers. There were plenty of other students that also attended to pay respects to the fallen veteran. The students who organized the event were proud to be able to serve a veteran. In lieu of having a family attend his funeral, it is nice to see honorable students filling in for Fitzmaurice.

Marcus Miller reported that around 40 people were present at the ceremony to pay honor and respect to Fitzmaurice. The all-boys school has started working closely with the Lawler & Crosby Funeral Home and the Lazarus Ministry.

The partnership is seeking to provide funerals and services for the poor, homeless and individuals who die with no family.

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