Family Of 3 Who All Have Dwarfism Become Social Media Darlings After Mom Unveils Giant Baby Bump

Charli Worgan, 27, stands just above 4 feet tall. Charli has dwarfism, and actually, so does her husband, Cullen, albeit a completely different type.

She has achondroplasia, which is the most common type. He has geleophysic dysplasia, a much rarer form that comes with many more health concerns.

Because they each have different forms of dwarfism, Charli and Cullen's offspring have a one-in-four chance of having a baby of average height; a baby having either type of dwarfism; or a baby with both forms of dwarfism, which could, unfortunately, be fatal.

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In 2015, the couple surprisingly became pregnant which wasn't something they were necessarily trying to do.

After baby Tilba was born with achondroplasia, Charli set up an Instagram account to proudly document their adventures.

Over time, the family built a loyal fan base — but they also faced an onslaught of cruel online bullies. Despite the fact Tilba has grown up surrounded by a loving family, she's experienced bullying at the hands of outsiders just for being physically different.

Now, Charli is pregnant with her second child, who doctors say will have Cullen's form of dwarfism. Photos of her baring a big baby bump have officially turned the family of three (soon to be four) into an online sensation.

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