Dad Tries To Teach His Son How To Make Snow Angels Is Best Thing Online

Parenting is hard, but rarely in the ways you might think.

For proof of that, just watch this hilarious video that is currently making the rounds of the internet, which shows a father trying to teach his young son how to make a snow angel only to have his son spectacularly miss the concept.

According to Utah news outlet, the seemingly very patient father seen is the video is Blake Bohacek, who is playing with his son on a snowy day in Eagle Mountain, Utah. In the video, which was captured by the boy’s mother and shared with the news site by one of Bohacek’s co-workers, the father can be seen trying to teach the kid the art of making a snow angel. It’s a fairly straight-forward process—just lie in the snow and sweep your arms and your legs up and down. Of course, as every parent knows, nothing is as simple and easy as it should be when it comes to passing along life skills to the next generation.

In the video, Bohacek learned that important parenting lesson firsthand. He started by demonstrating the necessary arm movement to his son and once the kid seemed clear on the concept, his dad gently picked him up and laid him flat on his back on the snow. On the ground, though, the child continued to flap his arms in the air, not brushing the snow at all. Bohacek reminded the kid what to do, and the kid waggled his little hands in the air again. Then Bohacek got down on his knees in the snow to explain the mechanics of it all (again) even moving the kids arms and legs for him, but to no avail.

It’s an adorable albeit brief glimpse into the joys and frustrations of raising a tiny human.

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