Father Of The Bride Stops Halfway Down The Aisle To Grab Daughter's Stepdad

A father-of-the-bride took the opportunity to interrupt his daughter's wedding entrance so both he and her stepdad could walk her down the aisle.

When it comes to big family events, stepparents can sometimes be overlooked, but that doesn't mean that their part in raising a child is any less significant.

Now, one heartwarming video has gone viral on social media after a bride's father took the time to show some recognition and appreciation to his daughter's stepdad.

The video was shared to TikTok by user Kelsey Griffith (@griffithk5), who captioned the touching post: "My dad surprised my stepdad by including him in our walk down the aisle."

Watch the moment below (grab the tissues, you're gonna need them):

The video shows Kelsey and her father walking down the aisle on her big day, but when they are halfway down, the father-of-the-bride reaches over to grab his daughter's stepfather. It appears as if her stepdad simply thinks he is reaching in for a handshake, but Kelsey's father pulls him into the aisle, and they both lock arms with her and continue walking her down the aisle.

The three of them then proceed to the altar.

After the video amassed over 5 million views on TikTok, people flooded to the comments section to praise the healthy family dynamic and congratulate the father for loving his Kelsey "unselfishly".

"When a parent loves his child with complete unselfishness," one person wrote.

A second commented: "Dad didn't make it about it. He made it about his daughter. On her special day. That's awesome!"

Another added: "Your daddy is the definition of what a real man is. On that day he realized [you're] not only his little girl but your stepdad's as well."

A fourth TikToker commented: "Two good men raised you! Good job everyone."

And a fifth added: "If this doesn't serve as a lesson to all divorced and or additional parents, I don't know what does. Congrats to all of you. More parents could learn!"

Kelsey later shared another angle of the beautiful moment, showing just how happy her stepfather was to receive the recognition:

It is amazing to see stepparents getting the recognition they deserve for playing such a huge part in a child's life. Well done to this family!

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