Car Wing Mirrors Studded With Spikes Reported To Police

Credit: Deadline News
Cyclists have been left outraged after a van was spotted with spikes attached to its wing mirror.

A Twitter user spotted the bizarre design in Cheadle, Stockport, on Monday (29 Nov) and images show dozens of sharp black spikes attached onto the left hand wing mirror of a black van parked on the side of the road.

Despite an uproar on social media, the owner of the vehicle has hit back at the haters and said he installed the spiked caps to stop the ‘little b******s’ who have been ripping his wing mirror off.

Jonathan Tomney, 41, said: "I'm sick to death of my property being vandalised.

"Every Saturday night when I park the van up... I put the spike on.

"I only put it on over the weekends to stop my property from being vandalised.

"I just hope that if one of the little b******s tries to take my wing mirror again they'll sever their hand."
Credit: Deadline News
The cyclist who captured the images said: “I originally spotted it on Sunday (28 Nov) whilst on a walk but passed by again on Monday (29 Nov) and took a photo then.

“I shared it on Twitter in order to get people’s opinions on what exactly the modification is for.

“Most are saying it couldn't be intended for anything else but cyclists. We can never know for sure but that would be my guess.

“Even if the intentions are not there it's still been perceived as an acceptable modification - I've already spotted these on two other vehicles last week.

“I was disappointed that my local police didn't respond, but Surrey Road Cops offered up and said it's a lethal weapon.

“After gathering opinions on Twitter I decided to report it to 101.
Credit: Deadline News
“At first I wasn't sure what I was reporting but ended up reporting it as an illegal modification to a vehicle, but somehow that didn't seem to cover it.

“I spoke to a sceptical call handler who said 'she would pass it on'.”

Commenting on the post, one user wrote: “I just wonder if it keeps getting broken whilst parked, so the design is to damage whatever hits it rather than any anti pedestrian or cyclist thing.

“Still very dodgy and should be reported.”

Another added: “I wondered about this, but if so you wouldn't do it on just the passenger side."

A third tweeted: “Wtf, why would someone do this?”

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