Brit 'Pablo Escobar' Gangster Gets Rotten Banana For Xmas Dinner In Hellhole Jail

A British man who is serving a 14 year sentence inside a Colombian prison has shared the Christmas Day meal he was served.

Andrew Deamer, who played a key part in a £350 million ($468m) cocaine racket, was given rice, a bowl of watery soup alongside a mouthful of grated carrot and a piece of banana for dessert.
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And you thought your Yorkshires were burnt?

While many people were playing after dinner games and watching festive films, the convict claims he was playing cards with two hitmen he shared his cell with.

Speaking to the Mirror, Deamer - who is referred to as the East Midlands Escobar - said: "Christmas is a time for family and it’s devastating to be so far from home at this time of the year never knowing if I will make it out alive from this ordeal.
This was Andrew Dreamers Christmas dinner. Credit: MIRRORPIX
“It’s at times like this you realise crime just doesn’t pay. I would give anything to spend Christmas with my mum and my brother who I love and miss very much.

“The hardest part isn’t the rats or the disgusting soup, it’s being away from your family. I regret the pain and worry I put them through.”

The 55-year-old, who is locked up in La Picota jail in Bogota, Colombia, added: "Being here is very scary. Everything you can see on documentaries about how hard prison is in Colombia is an understatement.

“It’s hell on earth. My cellmates are some of the most dangerous offenders in Colombia. But we get on very well and spend our time playing cards or board games.”
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Deamer missed out on Christmas with his Colombian wife, Marcela Zapaleta, and their 10 golden retrievers away from his farmhouse which is located in Rionegro.

But it's something he's experienced before because he's been inside for more than three years after his home was raided.

Speaking about the prison, he said: "The prison is extremely dangerous and each wing is run by prisoners.

“There are armed gangs on the stairwells who rob inmates at knifepoint.

"Each cell has a makeshift lock on the inside to keep other prisoners from attacking inmates during any unrest.”

Despite being sentenced to 14 years, Deamer reckons he could be out in 2024.

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