Bride Defends Husband After He Throws Entire Cake At Her

There are many traditions that take place during weddings, and one of the more silly ones is the cake smash between the bride and groom. Typically, the couple each takes a piece of cake and lovingly smashes some of it onto the other’s face. It’s not an elegant moment typically, but in a video that was shared on TikTok in January 2021, one groom took the term cake smash a little too far.

The video was posted online by the bride, Kelsey Carson, who goes by the TikTok username @kelsboyd3. Kelsey and her husband Tony are both from Kingston, Tennessee. Since January, the video has been viewed over 4 million times, and many users felt that the groom’s actions were too aggressive and are a red flag.

In the TikTok, you see Kelsey smash just a little bit of cake on her groom’s cheek. Then, in a shocking turn of events, Tony picked up nearly the entire three-tiered wedding cake and threw it at the bride’s head. The weight of the cake almost knocked Kelsey off of her feet.

The video ends before we can see much of Kelsey or the crowd’s reactions, but people who saw the video online were quick to share their concerns with the bride. Some said Tony looked angry when he threw the cake and that the marriage will likely end in divorce. Kelsey said she found it funny, but that hasn’t persuaded commenters who insist the cake smash was a sign of a violent person. Read on to hear more reactions to the wedding video.

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The twist that Tony put on the typical cake smash was meant to be a joke, but many viewers saw it as a red flag. Some even said that the couple should get divorced for the wife’s safety.

"That's not just aggressive but so embarrassing? If he's comfortable doing that in front of all her friends and family... scary," wrote one viewer in response to the video, though comments have since been deactivated and removed on the post.

Many TikTok users felt that they could get a read on the relationship from that one interaction. Another commenter wrote: "DIVORCE ON THE NEXT LEVEL."

If you pause the video at the end you can see that Kelsey is laughing, so some people jumped to Tony’s defense. “They both found it funny … it’s none of anyone else’s business,” one person wrote. “As long as you’re happy, that’s what matters,” added another.

Still, the majority of viewers were not convinced that the cake throwing was all in good fun. A TikTok user commented, “But the way his face looks angry and he throws the whole cake … yeah, no.”

After seeing so many comments from concerned viewers, Kelsey decided to leave a message on the video. "This is us and it was funny to everyone. I’m sorry that you have a different sense of humor," she said in a since-removed comment, according to the Mirror. However, even though the bride was adamant that this was meant to be funny and nothing else, it did not stop more people from chiming in with their comments.

Kelsey’s statement prompted another commenter to write: “This is incredibly sad. It’s not a prank, it was disrespectful and kind of embarrassing for you even if you don’t see that.”

In an attempt to show people that the couple indeed had a different and loving side to them, the bride ended up uploading a montage of loved-up and cozy photographs of the pair to try and ease the criticism. This has not helped, though, and people have continued to leave concerned comments.

One person tried to make their point another way after the second video was uploaded, "Girl we believe you love him. It’s the other way around for us. This is scary because that’s not love. No matter how many ‘couple photos’ you post."

Another person added, "If you have the whole internet worried … there’s probably a reason for it. People aren’t hating, we are genuinely concerned."

Another man felt compelled to chime in as he wrote, "Sorry girl. As a man married for 11 years, that wasn't okay. No something a man should do. Sorry, but you need to hear this." Almost all of the comments have been out of concern for Kelsey, with hardly any suggesting that the relationship between Kelsey and her new husband is healthy and/or different from what they have seen on the video. One person defended Kelsey by writing, "They both found it funny … it’s none of anyone else’s business."

Kelsey has not been swayed by any of the comments and has — at the time of publishing this story — updated her TikTok profile with the phrase, “A CAKE never hurt anyone.”

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