Woman Informs Her Boss That Her Sister Is Dying And She Won’t Come To Work, She Responds With Passive-Aggressive Messages

A woman whose sister was dying has compared two very different responses her bosses gave after telling them she needed to miss work to see her sibling. Watch below:
Credit: Instagram/hillary.zinks
Film industry makeup artist Hillary Zinks also had a side job as a waitress at a local resort, yet one of her supervisors issued a very negative response when she asked for some time off to visit her dying sister.

Hillary told BuzzFeed that, while she was on set last month, she got a call that her sister had been declared brain dead.

When she informed her film studio boss about the horrific news, she was treated with complete empathy.

However, when her other boss received the message from Hillary that she was unable to do her shift, the response was quite the opposite.

In a text message, the employer wrote: "I do understand and I am sorry for what you are experiencing.

"I'm curious why you are letting me know 2 hours prior to your shift."
Credit: TikTok/hillary.zinks
As you can imagine, the last comment was very much, out of order, and the waitress couldn't believe what she read.

Hillary explained: "I was angry and upset about it the rest of the drive.

"The closer I got to the hospital, the more I realised how her behaviour was absolutely unacceptable and I couldn't work under her any longer."

After she got to the hospital, she quit.

Hillary then took to TikTok to go into more detail.

She added: "We don't need to work for people who barely see us as humans with emotions and families.

"I hope that anyone who has that type of experience has the means and courage to quit.

"I hope any managers that would have done something similar would now take a step back and learn from her mistakes."
Credit: TikTok/hillary.zinks
Her videos went completely viral and racked up millions of views.

The comments section, perhaps even more surprisingly, was full of people with similar stories.

One wrote: "My job fired me for going to the er on my lunch break cause I was having a mini heart attack."

Another commented: "'I don't care if your grandmother died. People die all the time. It's no excuse to be late'.

"What my ex boss said to one of my coworkers."

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