Betty White Shares Her Secrets For A Long, Happy Life Ahead Of 100th Birthday

One of the comedy industry's oldest living stars has revealed her secrets for long life ahead of her 100th birthday in a few weeks.

Betty White featured on People magazine's front cover to discuss her longevity ahead of her 17 January birthday.
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Most loved for her part in The Golden Girls, White has spent 80 years in the business.

She told People: "I'm so lucky to be in such good health and feel so good at this age.

"It's amazing."

When People asked Betty about her diet, a typical question when someone approaches their centenary, she responded with typical humour.
Betty White in the 1950s. Credit: Alamy
Instead of referring to daily glasses of red wine, porridge, or any of the other 'super foods' centenarians often consume, Betty claimed an unexpected secret.

She said: "I try to avoid anything green.

"I think it's working."

Beside the no-veg diet, Betty claimed it was rather her positive mindset that got her through all these years.
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She said: "I got it from my mom, and that never changed. I always find the positive."

Some of the actresses former co-stars offered anecdotes about Betty for her People cover feature.

The Proposal star Sandra Bullock highlighted how easy Betty made comedy look on the big screen.

She said: "Timing isn't easy in comedy, because you have to navigate other people's timing.
Betty White in The Proposal. Credit: Alamy
"Betty pivots like I have never seen.

"The rest of us just remain silent and pray we're not cut out of the scene."

Sandra wished the comedian well for her birthday and suggested celebrating it in true Betty fashion with humour, kindness, and a vodka on ice.

Ryan Reynolds, who also starred alongside White in The Proposal, said he had been a fan of Betty's work for as long as he can remember.

He said: "I heard that scripts for Golden Girls were only 35 pages, which makes sense because so many of the laughs come from Betty simply looking at her castmates."

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