Astrologist Warns January's Venus Retrograde Will Bring Exes Back Into Your Life

Just when you thought 2022 was going to be the year where you could shed the drama of the last two years, Venus had to go and be in retrograde.

An Aussie astrologist has predicted the beginning of next year might be a little rocky for some people as the planetary movement is expected to dig up your past.
Astrologist Natasha Weber spoke to Jana Hocking about what’s in store for love in 2022. Picture: Instagram.
Venus retrograde already kicked off on December 19 and will last until January 29.

Retrograde is when a planet seems to be moving backwards in the sky from where we're standing, however it's just an optical illusion due to the Earth's rotation.

Astrologists believe this planetary phenomenon can influence people's behaviour and Natasha Weber believes January could be the month when your exes start to come back into your life.

Ms Weber revealed to the Kinda Sorta Dating podcast that the ghosts from your relationship history will remerge in your life during January to 'teach you a lesson until you learn from it', which sounds ominous.

She said a common theme might be that you're a pushover and the partner's presence will help you build from that trait.

The astrologist also warned that Venus retrograde will also be a 'make or break' for some couples and has urged those on the brink to be open and communicative about what they want if they wish to survive.

Natasha said Capricorns, Cancerians, Aries will be hardest hit during January and suggested they will either be dumped or do the dumping.

But that means you could start 2022 with a rebirth and have the rest of the year to reset and find yourself.

She also warned people who were planning on getting married in 2022 not to do it when Mercury is in retrograde.

She added that you shouldn't really be signing any big document when that happens, which will be quite a bit in 2022.

Mercury is expected to be in retrograde four times for six astrological signs next year, which will certainly make it difficult for some people needing documents to sign.

The first one kicks off on January 14 to February 3, then May 1 to June 3, then September 9 to October 2 and then December 29 to January 18.

Astrologer Stephanie Campos-Powell said Mercury retrogrades next year will happen exclusively in air and Earth signs.

"When Mercury retrograde happens in air signs, the themes that may come up are related to communication, our social calendar, and our lives," she explained to Well and Good.

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