Mum Finds Huge Bag Of Crystal Meth In Children's Breakfast Cereal

A mum was left horrified and baffled after she discovered a bag of crystal meth in her kids’ breakfast cereal.

25-year-old Haisam Nassir was giving Golden Morn cereal to her four children back in June when she found a bag of mysterious substance in a bag within the box.
Credit: SWNS
After trying to pour out the cereal to no avail, she reached in and pulled out the bag, before a quick Google revealed that she appeared to have found a bag of methamphetamine, which is a class-A drug.

You’ll no doubt remember the highly addictive substances from the TV programme Breaking Bad.

Obviously, she was seriously shocked at the discovery.

She contacted the police, who confirmed her worst fear.
The mystery bag of crystals inside the cereal box. Credit: SWNS
Haisam, from Essex, rushed her kids to the hospital to check that they hadn’t ingested any of the substance, but mercifully they were discovered to be fine.

She said: "It was so so bad, I was really shocked. It was massive - it took up nearly half the box.

"I felt really frightened. My anxiety went off the roof. There was 450g of it. The street value would be quite something.

"Imagine if that burst it could have had a deadly impact. It could have ended so badly.

"They'd been eating from that box for four days straight and the bag of crystal meth was really thin, a sharp piece of cereal could easily have made a hole in it.

"My eldest is very independent and gets her own cereal. She could so easily have eaten it.

"I was having these heartbreaking thoughts. I could have gone from being a mum of four to a mum of none very quickly."

When the police investigated what had happened, they found a cut in the bottom of the box through which they ascertained that the bag was likely inserted.
Haisam was understandably horrified at the discovery. Credit: SWNS
A letter read: "It appears highly unlikely that the crystals were inserted at the factory of production, though this cannot be established for certain."

Now, the case is closed, much to Haisam’s disappointment.

"I can't believe the case has closed. It's really shocking," she said. "I feel like no one is taking it seriously. It makes no sense.

"My children could have consumed it - and there could have been a very different outcome."

A spokesperson for Nestle, the manufacturers of Golden Morn, said: “This case was investigated six months ago by both Nestlé and the police.

"It was concluded that the item was inserted into the packaging at some point after the product left Nestlé in Nigeria.

"This is not a product we manufacture or distribute in the UK, but we appreciate how concerning it must have been for Haisam and worked closely with her to resolve the issue since she first contacted us in June."
The drugs were likely placed in the box after the cereal left the factory. Credit: SWNS
The box of cereal was purchased from an international food store about five minutes from Haisam’s Dagenham home, and was ‘probably’ imported, she added.

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