How To Turn 18 Days Of Annual Leave Into 45 Days Of Holiday In 2022

As we amble through the post-Christmas period and edge slowly towards the new year, the time to start thinking about things like – for example – what day it is draws ever closer.

With that in mind, you might want to have a think about some holiday for next year, and we’re about to explain to you how you can extract 45 days of holiday out of just 18 days of annual leave in 2022.
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So, without further ado, here we go.

Now, this first one comes at a perhaps unusual time of year for a bit of holiday, and you’ll have to have shown a bit of foresight to get this.

Because the first bank holiday of the year comes on 3 January – New Year’s Day is a weekend – you could book off January 4, 5, 6, and 7 to get nine days of leave for just four days of holiday used.
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Don’t worry though, if you can’t get that leave booked you can still get 45 days off for 18 days leave over the rest of the year.

Seeing as Good Friday and Easter Monday are on 15 and 18 April respectively, you can book 19, 20, 21, and 22 April off as leave and get 10 days for the price of four.

In early May, you need to be looking at 2 May for your maximum opportunity, because you can get nine days – booking 3, 4, 5 and 6 May off – for the price of four again.

Then, because there’s extra bank holidays for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June, if you book 30 and 31 May and 1 June, you’ll go one better and get nine days for the price of three.

This is all suggesting that you don’t work weekends, like some of us do.

Again, booking 30 August to 2 September off around the late summer bank holiday will allow you to get nine days for just four days of paid leave.

So, to Christmas 2022.

If you then book 28, 29, and 30 December as annual leave, you’ll get Christmas Eve until 1 January off in total.
By that point, we’ll have written an article on how you can get the maximum amount of days off for the bank holidays of 2023, so you just need to keep your eyes peeled for that.

In total, that leaves you 45 days off work for the price of 18 days of annual leave.

You might even get more than that, so you’ll barely do any work at all next year.

That must be the life.

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