Amazon Driver Says He Was Fired For Dunking Basketball In Empty Driveway, Sparking Debate

An Amazon delivery driver claimed he got fired after dunking a basketball at a customer’s house.

The alleged former driver posted a video to TikTok showing him shooting a quick hoop on the driveway after making a delivery.

Since it was posted five days ago, the clip has received 1.5 million views, 18,700 likes and 440 comments.

In the comment section, one viewer asked if he really got fired for dunking the basketball. “Sadly yes,” he responded with a laughing emoji.

Another asked how he got found out. He responded: “So it was kinda crazy, there was a neighbour who caught me on a Ring camera and snitched on me by posting it on Nextdoor.”

One viewer joked: “Can’t be dunking on the job”.

“You got promoted to customer lol,” another quipped.

This isn’t the first time an Amazon driver has made headlines after allegedly getting sacked thanks to footage posted online. Earlier this year, a driver was fired after a clip of a woman leaving his van went viral.

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