Airbnb Host Accused Of Having ‘control Issues’ After Posting Dozens Of Rules All Over Guest’s Room

One woman's stay at an AirBnb has gone viral after the host was labelled as having 'trust issues' as she appeared make the accommodation rules very clear for her guests.
Credit: TikTok/@authentiffany_
Quite often there's a slight nervousness when checking in to an unknown accommodation because you're never quite sure what to expect.

Well, one AirBnB host opted to display several signs, which are full of instructions, all around the apartment.

TikToker @authentiffany_ explains: "This AirBnb host had a few controlling quirks.
Credit: TikTok/@authentiffany_
"Before you even walk in you get hit with a huge information guide on what to do and it asks you to take this off the door and make sure you hang it here inside.

"Next is amount of information that's given just every moment after that in every way possible in every part of the room."

The viral vid racked up 1.6 million views and many couldn't believe what they were seeing.

Watch the TikTok below:

One wrote: ""hope I slept here correctly" is the most accurate review of this experience."

A second joked: "The next guest will have a sign that says do not record tik toks during your stay."

Someone else commented: "Say you have OCD without saying you have OCD.

Another user questioned: "Why would you rent out your home when you CLEARLY don't want any living to happen on your home?"

Finally, another argued: "There are people in this world that truly need all these instructions.

"Trust me on that."
Credit: TikTok/@authentiffany_
However, the TikToker insisted that she wasn't in any way insulting the home owner.

She wrote: "Some of y'all need to lighten up.

"This is intended to be funny, I am not upset, I am not talking badly about her and DO NOT HARM HER! PLEASE!"

In a follow-up vid, the renter added: “People are the way that they are, we don’t all work together that well and that’s perfectly fine and there is nothing wrong with her being that way.

"If you stay in a place like that and you don’t feel comfortable you are welcome to leave but there’s no use for hating someone for being that way.”

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