After This Old Man Drops His Groceries, Mom Cries When She Realizes He’s Tricked Her Into Helping

World War II veteran Bill Greenham went to Walmart on a bright and sunny Florida day. Suddenly, the 89-year-old's bags gave out and his items spilled all over the concrete out in front of the store.

Bill relies on a cane and is unsteady on his feet, so it was clear he needed help picking up his belongings... but would anyone come to the elderly man's aid?

Along came Melissa Whittington and her stepson Phillip, who stopped to help pick up Bill's items and ask if he was OK. But Melissa and Phillip had no idea that while Bill is indeed a veteran, he was also a volunteer planted in front of the store by the North Port Police Department.

The officers, who were watching the scene from their squad car, rigged the parking lot with cameras and microphones. They overheard Melissa telling another bystander (who was also a plant) that it had recently been Phillip's birthday — but since times were hard for their family, they weren't able to get any presents for the deserving little boy.

It was also Christmas time, and buying gifts was still incredibly difficult to manage for Melissa and her family.

That's when the officers revealed the real reason for all the hidden cameras. You do not want to miss this incredible gesture of kindness.


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