After 30 Yrs Of Searching, Man Finally Finds His Biological Brother.

Martin Hauser was adopted in 1962, when he was just a baby. As a result, he had gone his entire life without meeting a single biological family member. Until he met his brother after nearly 60 years.

He was ready to begin his search when he had kids, and tried the typical routes: Facebook, DNA testing, ancestry websites. Avenues that often connect long-lost family members weren’t the right avenues for Hauser and his biological family. The problem Hauser ran into was he didn’t have access to any names.
The key to finding his family was the North Carolina Adoption Statute. The statute gives permission to certain organizations to release select information to adopted children about their biological parents.

Through the organization Children’s Home Society, Hauser was able to find his biological father’s death certificate and his legal name. In the “next of kin” section, Hauser saw his brother’s name for the first time: Joseph B. Shaw, Jr.

He had a name, now it was time to circle back to his search. And, within 15 minutes, Hauser found his biological brother’s Facebook profile.

The message shocked Shaw, and with the support and encouragement of his fiancée, Shaw called his brother.

Nearly five months since that initial outreach, the two finally met, with Hauser and his wife flying from Phoenix to North Carolina. Prior to meeting in person, they’ve gotten to know one another better, talking nearly every day. Hauser flew to North Carolina not only to meet his brother, but to attend his wedding. Also attending the wedding were many extended family members that were excited to meet Hauser before Shaw tied the knot.
Hauser said he never gave up on finding his family. Nearly 60 years later, it paid off.

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