A Woman Has A Hidden Bar Beneath Her Kitchen Island That Is The Size Of A House.

A TikToker has revealed she has a secret bar hidden underneath her kitchen, and it’s frankly ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE.

Many people like to impress their friends with a home bar, whether it’s as small-scale as a drinks cart in the corner, or something more hi-tech involving beer taps, optics drinks dispensers, a bar top and stools.

But one woman has managed to take hers to seriously impressive new extremes, having constructed an underground ‘speakeasy’ beneath her kitchen.

TikToker @theresapizzaaa posted a video, writing: “When I’m bored and remember I have a speakeasy under my kitchen island.”
Credit: TikTok/@theresapizzaaa
It shows her walking into her kitchen and opening a cupboard, in turn revealing a staircase down to the secret underground complex.

She first posted the clip back in May, when it attracted a whopping 35.9 million views and 5.3 million likes.

After reposting it two days ago as her most viral of video of the year, it racked up another 6.3 million views and 401,800 likes.

The woman has also posted a number of tour videos around the speakeasy, showing off a large stash of wine bottles at the bottom of the stars before walking through a hidden door made to look like a bookshelf.

Beyond that, there’s a private cinema, an old-style telephone box and, of course, the huge bar area - where we see a live band playing on a stage in the corner.
Credit: TikTok/@theresapizzaaa
The space has also been kitted out with multiple TV screens, which are mounted on the walls, a cigarette machine and games machines, along with various tables, chairs and stools to accommodate the woman’s many friends.
Credit: TikTok/@theresapizzaaa
The bar itself also appears to be fully stocked, with a man seen shaking a cocktail for the thirsty guests.

Many TikTok users were blown away by the secret world underneath the woman’s kitchen, with one saying: “That’s a whole house.”
Credit: TikTok/@theresapizzaaa
Someone else wrote: “So can I get a invite? That looks so freakin cool.”

Another said it was a ‘dream house’, while one said it would make a ‘good panic room’.

A fifth added: “Wowww what a house I’m actually jealous u live in a palace.”

Suddenly that little bar cart in your living room looks a bit sad, doesn't it? Look, if it storing some booze ready for you to drink, it's serving its purpose, right? You don't need a cinema, or a cigarette machine... Or a live band... Right?

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