Eagle-eyed Redditor Spots A Flying Stealth Bomber On Google Maps

You can be fast, but you're never fast enough to escape the all-seeing eye of Google Maps.

An eagle-eyed Reddit user has spotted a stealth bomber that was captured in flight on the mapping program.
Credit: Google Maps
The B-2 Spirit flies up to 1,010 km/h, but Google Maps still managed to spot it sprinting across a remote part of Missouri in the US.

Redditor Hippowned caught the sight, which is slightly blurry but surprisingly clear for a satellite image of a very fast-moving plane.
Credit: Google Maps
Satellites use a different technology to traditional cameras, relying on the intensity of wavelengths of light, which are then combined to make an image.

That's why you can see red, blue and green across the plane because Google's satellite technology was only able to capture so much.

The bomber isn't the only out of the ordinary thing to be spotted on Google Maps.
US Air Force Photo / Alamy Stock Photo
Patterns in the desert and in fields have been spotted, including pentagrams and crop circles, while glitches and errors in the satellite visuals have also caused some spooky sights.

Google Maps works by piecing together satellite shots, which is what sometimes creates the glitches and anomalies that people pick up on the platform.

Google spokespeople have had to explain some of these images in the past, saying the compilation of images that make up each map can sometimes cause weird images.

This is also why it's so rare for people to spot fast-moving objects on the platform, because if they only show up in one image they will be overlaid by multiple others which will eventually cover up the plane or vehicle.

It explains the slightly ghostly appearance of the bomber, because it's likely the plane was only caught in one or two slides of the eventual composite picture.

People have also spotted stealth bombers before but only parked on runways.

This is the first time one has been seen in flight and it was spotted within 50kms of the local Air Force Base.

The B-2 Spirit bomber was designed during the Cold War and there are only 21 in the world.

Each plane costs around $1 million to procure in the late 90s and they cost around $150,000 per hour to operate.

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