Woman Reveals She's Already Bought And Wrapped All Her Presents For Next Christmas

f you’ve been looking for something to do at the moment while we’re stuck in the hinterland between Christmas and New Year, how about getting a jump on the rest of the world for next year’s festive season?

OK, so it sounds like a fair bit of overkill, but one woman claims she’s already got well ahead and bought and wrapped all of her presents for next Christmas.
Credit: Facebook/Extreme Couponing and Bargains
We’ve not even reached the January sales yet, but this woman shared online that she can now put her feet up for almost the entire year, because it’s already done.

Sharing this incredible feat on the Extreme Couponing and Bargaining UK Facebook group, the pre-emptive Christmas shopper revealed that she managed to get down to Tesco and Boots to take advantage of some post-Christmas deals and get herself ready for next year before most of us have taken down our decorations.

Apparently, the whole haul that she shared on the group set her back £176, but it should have cost a whole lot more, and would have if she’d purchased the goods – which take up an entire bed – in the lead up to Christmas 2022.

In her original post, she said: "Boots half price sale and Tesco clothes and club card bargains (boots was £176 total savings £178 so actually saved more then I spent) all wrapped and ready for next year."

Amongst the things she’s already got are Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse items of clothing, as well as Harry Potter and Lynx gifts and a Friends Monopoly board game.

Since she shared her tactics, the post has accumulated 7,400 reactions and 1,900 comments.
Credit: Facebook/Extreme Couponing and Bargains
Not everyone has responded positively though.

Hey, this is the internet, after all.

One person said: "Sad you feel you have to do Christmas 1yr ahead…loving a bargain as we all do I’m seriously thinking it’s a step too far.

"Enjoy life and live it a day at a time as there’ll be loads of good deals on the way."

Another said: "I seriously could not be a***d with this. I'm enjoying this Christmas still not the next one."

A third issued a warning: "Toiletries and lipgloss won't be any good next year there is a reason why they reduce and don't just take off the shelf until next year."

That said, others have hailed it as a ‘great idea’ and said ‘I want to be this organised’.

It must take out a little bit of the stress of Christmas, but it also does seem a bit much.

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