90-year-old Mom Reunites With Daughter She Placed For Adoption 70 Years Ago

If you are or know someone who was adopted, you know that it’s a complicated process to go through. Although sometimes it is the best case scenario for both mother and child and can be a blessing to all parties involved, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t emotional, confusing, and heart-wrenching at times.
Adoption is a wonderful resource for many people that help children live out their lives to the fullest with adoptive families that are so happy to have them. Some adoptions are open, where the child gets to know their birth parents.

Others are closed, meaning that the child will never know the identity of the woman who gave birth to them. But what happens if, by a stroke of luck, you stumble across your birth family after seventy long years?
This story, told by Inside Edition, begins with a woman named Wanda LeBlanc. Wanda received a home DNA test for Christmas. These DNA tests tell you about your background and family history. When the results were in, Wanda saw some relatives that matched her DNA. But one name was unrecognizable.

That name was Lynne Wray. Once Wanda clicked on Lynne’s profile, she discovered something amazing. Lynne’s profile stated that she was adopted and had never met her birth family.

Lynne, from North Carolina, then confided in Wanda that she had been looking for her birth mother for many years to no avail. But no one was ready for what would happen next.
When Wanda discussed the situation involving Lynne with her family as well as her grandmother, Elizabeth Pullen, who lives in Louisiana, the truth revealed itself. Elizabeth told her granddaughter that seventy years ago she had placed a daughter for adoption.

Back in those times, many adoptions were closed and therefore no communication between the birth family was allowed. But once Elizabeth found out that Lynne had been looking for her, they decided to arrange a meeting in May 2019 that would change both of their lives forever.

The two finally got to stand beside each other for the first time in over seven decades, and it’s a sight you have to see for yourself to believe.

You can learn more about this interesting story in the video below.

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