9-Year-Old Child Gets Internet Fame As He Meets Sister For First Time

The Maltbie Bunch family frequently shares videos of family members online for all to watch. At the moment, they have over 48,000 subscribers on their channels in addition to attracting impressive viewership for their videos.

One video from 2018 that featured the family's eldest son Brayden meeting his newborn sister Harper Rose for the first time has gone viral, gaining over 9.3 million views.

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The videos they share mostly capture family moments that they have together, including when they travel, play games, or the mom's pregnancy moments. A video detailing the birth of Harper Rose, for instance, went viral. It featured their firstborn son, Brayden, when he was meeting his baby sister after her birth. As was expected, Brayden was visibly excited.

Brayden brought flowers and a balloon for his sister
Dad reaches out to him, and together they stroll to the room where mum and sister Harper were resting. When dad asks, "Do you wanna go and meet your new sister?" Brayden, with excitement, responds, "Yeah, I can't wait!" He always has a charming personality. As dad and son approach the room, they could hear the cries of the baby. Brayden's dad informs him that it was his baby sister crying. As the two enter the room, the baby sister stops crying as if she became aware of big brother Brayden and dad's presence.

Brayden becomes emotional and makes mum and dad emotional too
As big brother sees his sister for the first time, he gets emotional and starts to cry out of joy. As tears of joy roll down his handsome face, he has a cute smile dancing on his lips. It was an exciting moment for Brayden as he gazes at his sister. As if the tears of joy were contagious, mom starts sobbing as emotions get over the two as they welcome the new bundle of entertainment to the family. They both cry tears of joy.

Brayden moves closer to Harper to have a better look at her
Mom is filled with happiness, and she reaches out to hug and kiss him. The moment seems magical, yet little Harper seems lost in it. She does not understand that she is a blessing to the family or why the family is so happy. Mom offers big brother her arm so that he can lean in to kiss his sister.

What is for sure is that Brayden will always love little Harper. His emotions seem to suggest that he will always be there to protect his little sister. Although little Harper is tiny and unaware of what is happening around her, she is already warming the hearts of those around her. The footprint the moment will have on Brayden will last a lifetime, and more moments are on their way.

Tears of joy
The moment can never be forgotten. It was in room 2405 when big brother Brayden shed tears of joy after meeting baby Harper. As Brayden shed tears of joy, it became contagious and mum and dad could not hold their tears. As all the members shed tears of joy, it showed how tightly knit the family was. They always put themselves ahead of everything, and it is an example each family should follow. Baby Harper indeed is a source of joy to the family, and her birth will have a permanent impact on Brayden for many years to come.

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