3-Year-Old Meets 95-Year-Old In Assisted Living – They Make Headlines As Mother Can’t Ignore Their Unusual Relationship

Most people make friends with other people their own age.

But there are friendships that cross generations, and they, too, can be genuine and lifelong.

Sometimes, such simple friendships can mean the entire world to some people.


one elderly veteran he never expected to see a spark of joy in his life in the nursing home.

But one little girl reminded him that there is a lot to be happy about.

Their friendship has inspired many people to turn their attention to the older citizens who don’t have many people visiting them.
Avita of Wells is an assisted living facility for the elderly.

There are over sixty residents in the establishment and one of them is Stanley.

The 95-year-old veteran doesn’t have the best memory. In fact he is a resident with dementia.

The facility has a music generation class, which allows the children of Wells, Maine to visit Avita and sing songs and play instruments and games.

The seniors can join in on the fun if they want.

Among all those who have visited, one in particular made an impression on Stanley.
It was Etta Morse who got Stanley’s attention.

The three-year-old runs to Stanley’s side every time her mother brings her and her brother to the facility.

Laurie Morse started taking her son and daughter to the facility two years ago, back when Etta was just one.

In an interview with News Center Maine, Laurie said:

“I have no idea when it actually started. They just kind of have a little connection.”

One day, Etta and her class were told to hand out instruments to the seniors at the facility.

Etta handed one to Stanley…and the two became friends since then.

Etta has been giving the older man instruments during her visits.

She has never given an instrument to the other residents in the facility.
According to the staff, Stanley rises early for the children’s visit.

Every time he hears that Etta is about to visit he wakes up early and gets ready.

He even wears a blazer. Sometimes, though, Stanley doesn’t remember Etta’s name.

But then he sees the adorable little girl and it’s as if a light bulb goes off in his head.

Although Stanley isn’t talkative,he has expressed many times that he adores the little girl.

It’s not every day that Etta can visit, but when she does, it always brightens the man’s day.

It’s not easy to live without your family, much less your memories.

For Stanley, Etta’s friendship is a reminder that there is still a lot of beauty in the world.


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