24-year-old Woman "Realistic Barbie" Has The World's Biggest Lips And Wants To Be Bigger

According to a report by the British "Daily Star" on June 23, Bulgarian 24-year-old woman Andrea Ivanova, who claimed to be the "realistic version of Barbie", had the largest lips in the world, but still Want to make the lips bigger, and said that no one can stop her plan.
Andrea from Sofia started in 2018. In order to make himself a Barbie in real life, he did not hesitate to spend thousands of pounds, after 25 injections of hyaluronic acid, and finally expanded to the present kind of lips.

When the blonde recently posted a new photo on the social platform Ins, she revealed that she had another lip augmentation a few days ago. The doctor said that if there is any problem with her lips, she can call him immediately.
The doctor also advised Andrea to lubricate her lips with lip balm, and reminded her to pay attention to any pain in the lips at all times, and future surgery may be fatal.

It is said that in addition to the risk of dehydration, big lips can also cause problems such as eating difficulties, but Andrea still insists that he will not stop lip augmentation, no matter what the cost.
In January of this year, in order to make herself more feminine, Andrea also spent 3,000 pounds (approximately 27,000 yuan) for breast surgery, from the original C cup to the G cup.

Next, Andrea also plans to reshape the face, change the shape of the face and chin, and make himself more perfect.
When talking about the reasons for the surgery, Andrea explained that she is well-known in Bulgaria and the world, so she has an obligation to share with fans everything that happens in life and every new change.

And her photos have also won praise from many fans. Some people said they liked it, some praised her for being beautiful, and others were enthusiastic.

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