21-Year-Old Son Uses His First Paycheck To Pay Off His Parents' Entire Mortgage

Getting your first real paycheck is an incredible experience. You finally have money of your own, you feel like you can do anything you want. Most people who receive their first paycheck are excited to spend their hard-earned money on something they had always wanted; either a favorite perfume or a long-sought-after sweater, a person gets to use their own money for small luxuries.

However, there are hundreds of stories on the internet of people who have used their paychecks for heartwarming reasons, such as buying their friends or family something they would adore. In some collectivistic cultures, meant children and grandchildren dedicate their first earning to their parents or grandparents and buy them something that they can always cherish.

In some cases, people refuse to spend their money right away and save it up for one big spending later, such as a car. However, one young man went above and beyond and took his substantial first paycheck to do something life-changing for his parents, and it ended up being one of the most emotional videos yet om the internet.

Back in 2017, Pavin Smith, an Arizona Diamondbacks' 2017 first-round pick, brought his parents to tears with his thoughtful and generous Christmas gift. Smith paid off his parents' entire mortgage to the house so that they wouldn't ever have to worry about it. He also uploaded a video of him presenting their parents with the letter, which was met with a lot of positivity and love from fans and internet users.

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In 2017's baseball drafts, Pavin Smith was the seventh overall pick according to AZ Central. He was signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks, and that included a rather large bonus of 5 million dollars, which is quite a significant number! With that kind of money, Pavin could have bought himself a fancy house, a few cars, and still had money leftover. Many football players are known for their lavish lifestyles and Pavin was on his way to becoming a well-earning football player who could have it all.

However, Pavin thought his money could go to better use and decided to do something incredible for his family. According to AZ Central, Pavin "knew mortgages had something to do with how homes were purchased, but he didn’t entirely understand how they worked or what it meant to have one."

However, as he listened to his mother, Pam, talk about how many years she and his father, Tim, had to go to pay off the family house, he understood what their mortgage had come to represent: to Pavin, it looked like a mortgage was a burden and a monthly obstacle which would continue to be a source of stress hanging over his parents.

Understanding that his money could be put to better use, Pavin decided to do one of the most selfless things a person can do for someone they love: the first baseman decided to pay off the rest of his parents' mortgage. This is an amazing thing to do, and Pavin even added a note to his parents as he gave them this gift.
He wrote a heartwarming note to his parents, explaining that this was their Christmas present, and decided to film their reaction. In the note, Pavin mentioned, "Thank you for raising me in a great home filled with love! Because of all the sacrifices you made for me, I want our family home to be yours!"

Pavin said that though his gift was enormous, it doesn't even begin to touch what his parents had given him and showed everyone that he is one dedicated son!

Christmas is a time for giving. Pavin’s parents gave him a childhood filled with love and support, and in turn, he made sure that their home stayed theirs forever!

Pavin's mother Pam still becomes emotional when she remembers the moment. “I’m going to get emotional again,” she said in an interview according to AZ Central, recalling the moment during a recent interview. “It was just a huge gift that we never expected. It’s like a gift that keeps on giving.”

However, those who are close to Pavin said that him doing such a wonderful thing does not come as a surprise. "I just think that takes an incredible amount of maturity for a 21-year-old, but it doesn’t surprise me," Brian O’Connor, Smith’s baseball coach at the University of Virginia said, and added, "That’s how he’s lived his life. That’s how he was brought up. That’s the values that he has."

The video that he had uploaded had everyone who watched it in tears and continues to leave an incredible impact on others who stumble across it even today.

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