14-Month-Old Baby Baby Has Rare Uncombable Hair Syndrome

It can be tough to get little kids to let you comb their hair. Sometimes, it even turns into a battle. But one mom, Katelyn Samples, doesn't have to worry too much about fighting that one. That's because her little one, 14-month-old Locklan Samples, has uncombable hair syndrome.

It sounds a little frightening, but it's harmless. Still, the rare condition makes his white blond hair stick straight up. It's completely impossible to comb. Basically, it looks like he's been shocked ... all the time.

Little Locklan looks super adorable anyway. But the condition is so rare, impacting only about 100 people worldwide, that his mom says people often think they are joking when they reveal he has uncombable hair syndrome.

Most people who have the syndrome will grow out of it around puberty. So chances are Locklan's hair will be more manageable at some point. As for now, he's got an adorable look that will make him easy to spot on the playground.

Even though it's definitely different, mom Katelyn says she wouldn't change it "for the world." She's glad her son is unique. "We absolutely love it," she says adoringly.

We can totally see why.

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