11-year-old saves siblings from TN house fire, Mother Said It's 'Surreal'

On December 5, 2021, a fire broke out in the kitchen of the Sims' home in Clarksville, Tennessee. Kimberly Sims, the mother of 5 children, was not home when the fire started. Instead, it was her 11-year-old son Brody Sims who was watching his siblings while his mom was away. Fortunately, the boy and his sister had been taught by their parents what to do in an emergency.

Right away, Brody's sister called 911 while Brody worked to get everyone out of the house. His 2-year-old brother was asleep in a room located at the back of the house and Brody bravely ran past the flames to rescue his sleeping younger brother. The boy got all four of his siblings out of the house before they could get hurt. Kimberly said she is incredibly proud and grateful that her kids knew what to do in an emergency.

Kimberly said she was just up the road at her parents' house, letting their dogs out when the fire began. In the amount of time that she was gone, the fire started, and sadly it was incredibly destructive and has ruined their house and nearly all of their belongings. A fundraiser has been started by Kimberly's sister Hannah Sims to help the kids get clothes, and hopefully, some Christmas presents as well to replace all of the toys they lost in the fire.

Brody claims he is not a hero and was just doing what any big brother would do for his family. Keep reading to hear more details about this incredible rescue story.

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Among all of the Sims' lost belongings is their family photos. The mother only has one snapshot remaining and it was taken four days before the fire claimed their home. 'It was just kind of surreal," Kimberly said to WSMV.

Thankfully, Kimberly's children are all safe and sound, thanks to her eldest son. "All you could see was just smoke coming out," Brody recalled. "My mom and dad told us, if there was a fire, to grab everyone and run out of the house and call 911."

Thankfully, the children were already taught what to do in case of a fire. Brody said from his front porch, "There was a fire in the kitchen. I was just standing right here, and my sister called 911."

Kimberly's sister Hannah shared in a message on the Go Fund Me page, "My 11-year-old nephew, Brody, bravely rushed his 4 siblings out of the house. He ran past the fire to get his 2-year-old brother, who was in a bedroom in the back of the house."

Brody was frightened but he still acted with incredible bravery as he ran to save his little brother. "I was just crying and yelling my brother's name," he said.

Now lauded as a hero, the boy's family couldn't be more grateful for Brody's quick reaction. "I'm just really thankful the kids have been trained what to do in emergencies," Kimberly said. "We're unbelievably proud."

The 11-year-old was very humble when praised for his actions. "I did what any big brother would do," Brody said.

Moving forward, the family is doing their best to put their lives back together after losing so much in the fire.

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