Woman Restores Old Railway Carriage Into Breathtaking Off-the-grid Home With Spectacular Views

There’s a saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. A woman in New Zealand proved this sentiment to be true when she transformed old railway carriages into her very own off-the-grid home. The carriages were completely beaten down when the woman found them, but she was able to see past their destructed demeanor and saw the true potential they had. At first sight, most people probably would’ve been pretty turned off by just how old and run-down the railway carriages looked, but the New Zealand woman knew that she had enough care and love to pour into a project to fix them up.

The woman is named Mandy and she first found the carriages back in 2010. It’s safe to say that the rotting, abandoned, unloved and unattended carriages needed a lot of work to bring them back to life. Fortunately, Mandy was up for the challenge. She saw the two railway carriages as a canvas that just needed some attention, and happily got to work creating her masterpiece.

It took a total of eight years of part-time renovation work, but Mandy finally created the home of her dreams. She had turned the railway carriages into the most beautiful and humble abode and lived completely off-the-grid. On top of that, the surrounding scenery is absolutely breathtaking as her home gives the most spectacular views of the big sky in the Central Otago region of New Zealand. Read on to find out more about how this woman restored two railway carriages into a gorgeous off-the-grid home.

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In July 2018, Mandy’s beautiful off-the-grid railway home made it onto the Living Big In A Tiny House website. Since then, people have been completely mesmerized by just how much love and work the woman put in to make her home such a stunning place to live. According to the site, the carriages had been unattended for many years and were broken, leaking and full of mold, bugs and even some dead animals. None of this steered Mandy away, though, and she happily got ready to invest plenty of time and effort into restoring the carriages. After eight long years, Mandy’s hard work finally paid off.

According to Living Big In A Tiny House, the main carriage was converted into a fully functioning home with a kitchen, lounge, bedroom and ensuite bathroom. The second carriage has a guest room and a space for entertaining. Although the home isn’t that big compared to a typical house, the high ceilings and north-facing windows help make the place feel larger while providing a great view of the Central Otago region.

Mandy was able to transform the home into what it is now by continuously searching for reclaimed materials to highlight the amazing history the carriages hold. Another unique feature about her property is that it is completely remote with no access to city power or water supply, meaning she is fully off-the-grid, according to Living Big In A Tiny House. The woman captures rainwater and generates power from a small solar system. We’re happy to see that Mandy finally has time to relax and enjoy the incredible home she created and all of life’s wonders.
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