Woman Horrified After Phone Shop Worker Scrolled Through Intimate Selfies For 15 Minutes

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A woman was left shocked after catching a phone shop worker scrolling through her intimate pictures while he repaired her device.

Louise Johnson, 28, says she felt violated after finding the man looking through her photos - including images of her in her underwear and bikinis - after she took the phone to be repaired.

She called police who went to the shop where they confirmed that CCTV showed the man looking through her phone for 15 minutes, but says officers said they were powerless to act because he hadn't actually downloaded or shared the images.

The man has since been sacked, the shop's manager has confirmed.
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Louise Johnson, took her iPhone 11 to be fixed after the screen and battery were smashed when she dropped it on the floor.

She agreed to pay £85 ($115) for the phone to be fixed at The Mobile Doctor in Worcester on Saturday 13 November.

When it came to Louise collecting it, she caught a male worker leering at intimate pictures of her in underwear and bikinis that she had taken for her boyfriend.
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She claims to have grabbed the phone but says that the man snatched it back and scratched her hand.

Louise explained: "As soon as I walked in, I saw him lock my phone and put it to the side, but I saw my wallpaper, so I knew it was mine.

"I asked whether my phone was ready, and he told me it would be another hour as someone had to come and finish repairing the frame.

"But I knew he'd been on my phone, so I asked for it back, swiped up to see my most recent tabs and saw that he was looking through all my photographs from years ago.
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"Some of them were personal to me. There were pictures of me in bikinis and in underwear which were quite intimate. They were pictures I had sent to a boyfriend and no one else.

"I could see that he'd been looking at them. I felt disgusted and was in total shock, I could not believe what was happening. I snatched the phone off the counter but he grabbed my arm and scratched me really hard.

"I felt completely violated. It's creepy and perverted to go through someone else's most private pictures without their permission."
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Speaking about the police, she said: "When I asked the police for the man's name they refused claiming it was because of GDPR.

"I almost fell over in shock. Basically a strange man can rifle through my private pictures without permission but his identity is protected because of data protection? How is that right?"

The worker involved has since been sacked from The Mobile Doctor.

Shop manager said: "We have resolved the issue in the presence of police. The worker involved has been sacked. We have apologised to the customer. Nothing like this will ever happen again in future."

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