Train Enthusiast Francis Bourgeois Has Quit His Job Today

Social media sensation Francis Bourgeois Bourgeois has revealed that he quit his job today to do transporting 'full time'.

The train enthusiast, who's gone viral on TikTok and Instagram, posted on his Instagram story about his new venture and it looks like he couldn't be happier.

Francis, 21, who has himself down as a 'video creator' on Instagram wrote on his story: "Today I quit my job to do trainspotting full time!!"

In the clip, he had his headphones in and was walking down a road with the biggest smile on his face. Shortly after the video begins, he breaks into a run.

Francis, from Harlesden, North West London, became what must be the UK's most famous trainspotter after picking up the hobby while he was at school - despite being mocked by his peers.

It was only during the coronavirus lockdown that the engineering student started to make TikTok videos about his passion.

His update on Instagram doesn't explain whether he had a job on the side of his studies that he's packed in. But we're sure there will be more to come.

Up to now, Francis has a whopping 1.4 million followers on TikTok as well as another 760,000 on Instagram. Fans go on the platforms to see him spotting trains and commentating. Francis is known for the unique camera angles he has in his videos, which he achieves using his GoPro camera.

Francis already has a Cameo account where he was charging £26 however his profile on the site - which allows users to create personalised videos for money - is currently not taking any requests.

We can only imagine he's backlogged with videos to film and now knows he can make even more money becoming an influencer. Fair play to him.

Francis was also recently on This Morning where he told Josie Gibson: "Up until now trains have been up and down in my life in one way or another.

"In secondary school, I somewhat suppressed my interest because it's not the coolest of things in the world."

He went on to add: "If I'm ever feeling stressed or anything, when the tones go and the engines scream, I'm really happy."
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