TikToker Shows How Her Now Boyfriend Sent A Google Form Before Their First Date And People Are In Awe

Dating can be very exhausting, especially in this day and age. Over the last few years, people have become very emotionally independent and ended up drifting away from the dating world. At times, it almost seems like being a singleton would be the ideal reality—however, the PDA that you see through those cafe windows makes sure to remind you of the opposite.

Still, choosing a person that will walk beside you no matter what is always a challenge. It’s like riding a faulty rollercoaster of overpowering emotions, where there is a huge chance of crashing. Just think about the number of times people have to scroll through Hinge or swipe on Tinder to at least get a decent companion to talk to! It’s draining!

Some even might argue that dating was much easier back in the day since there was no technology and things were a little bit more “romantic.” But if we can’t find the right person for ourselves in 2021 with all the possibilities of chatting to anyone around the globe—let’s imagine what it was probably like trying to date in a village without being able to open an app on your phone and change the distance preferences.

This TikToker went viral after sharing how her now boyfriend asked her to complete a Google form on their first date
Image credits: Maytheeleven

However, not all of us are experiencing a negative drive of emotions while dating. Some are still in those high school sweetheart relationships, some successfully deleted their dating apps, but some are being asked out on a date by their friends… using a Google form.

A TikTok user that goes by the name @maytheeleven shared her hilarious yet adorable date story. Graham, who is THE guy, asked the OP to fill out a very detailed Google form before their date night. It included a bunch of activity choices, like skating and drinking hot chocolate or spending the evening on a beach with some ice cream. Additionally, there was a choice to pick the cuisine for the evening and the “schmanciness” of the clothes.

The woman’s date made sure to include a ton of options in this pre-date Google form
Image credits: Maytheeleven

To be more specific, the very first section of the Google form included a little greeting from the OP’s future boyfriend: “you have agreed to go on a date with Graham. Congratulations! He promises a good time with your preferences in mind.” As well as that, Graham wanted the OP to specify whether she’d be able to attend or not.
Image credits: Maytheeleven

The next section started to look very promising! It’s always a huge plus to know your day plan thoroughly—especially if it’s the first date.

Graham was being extra creative and included multiple options while also leaving space for suggestions. This Google form could be very beneficial to people who are not close enough and for those who want to make sure that both parties are enjoying their night and not feeling uncomfortable.
Image credits: Maytheeleven

This video got over 1M likes and people are praising the guy for his creativeness
Image credits: Maytheeleven

The next page was dedicated to the food that the OP potentially enjoys. The woman had 5 options to choose from and, of course, an open line for suggestions. Although, in the video, she admitted to ticking everything because she is not picky.
Image credits: Maytheeleven
Graham also made sure to dress appropriately, so he didn’t hesitate and asked the OP about her preferred style for the evening. The woman decided that wearing everyday casual would be the best for this occasion. However, she pointed out that if she had selected the fifth option, which is the dress & suit & tie, he would certainly have worn it.
Image credits: Maytheeleven

The date also sent a very cute invitation while the OP was driving to his city
Image credits: Maytheeleven

Just when we think that things can’t get any cuter, while driving to Graham’s city, the OP received a very “casual invitation” to the date.

After that, the OP mentioned that overall the date was lovely and that it went very well!

After the first date, the OP received an exit survey that was just as fun
Image credits: Maytheeleven

Well, after the first date, Graham didn’t settle down and created an exit survey!

At the beginning, there was another opening, which said: “in the interest of professionalism and giving dating the structure and administrative bureaucracy it has always deserved, Graham has requested you to fill out this optional exit survey.”

The very first question asked the OP to rate Graham’s performance on a scale of awkward to charming. To which she chose a 4, not because of Graham per se, but purely because first dates tend to be more on an awkward side. Then Graham proceeded to amaze everyone with his Google form and listed random symptoms that the OP might’ve experienced during the date—those included tinnitus and the fear of the abyss.
Image credits: Maytheeleven

Graham and the OP are now in a happy long-distance relationship.

Let us know in the comments if you’d consider creating a Google form for your future dates!

Folks in the comments were very impressed with these Google forms

Image credits: Maytheeleven

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