Teens allegedly trash Walmart aisle after being told to stop filming

Teenagers allegedly destroyed a aisle in a Walmart after a worker asked them to stop filming in the store, according to a viral network on TikTok.
Teenagers allegedly trashed a Walmart aisle after an employee asked them to stop filming.

A video uploaded to TikTok by @crispy_chris01 shows milk and food strewn across an aisle as the on-screen text reads: “When you ask teenagers to stop filming inside the store… who acts like this?”

Since uploading the clip two days ago, it has received over 300,000 views, 24,000 likes and 500 comments.
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In the comments, the TikToker said: “They were caught running and given a trespass warning.”

The comments were outraged on the TikToker’s behalf, with one commenter writing: “And they are the ones calling retail workers Karen.”

Some blamed the parents, with one user writing: “They act the same way their parents do.”

Another TikToker said that children of “narcissistic parents” are taught that adults speaking to them “with any directive” is disrespectful.

“This is the end result of not telling kids ‘no’, not holding them accountable, and not disciplining them,” one wrote.

However, some said age doesn’t matter. One TikToker said: “I’ve seen grown men do this, it’s not an age thing.”

Another commenter wondered why the employee stopped the teenagers filming in the first place, writing: “It doesn’t really matter if they filmed. It’s not harming anyone.” The TikToker replied to say: “Personally I don’t care about the filming as much as the aisles being messed up and harassing employees, but still [the] company has policies.”

According to Walmart, unauthorised filming is prohibited “out of respect for [their] associates and customers.”

This isn’t the first time an employee of the chain had a run-in with a customer. Earlier this year, a security worker punched a shopper after the customer appeared to spit at them after ramming a display with a shopping cart.

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