Salt Bae's Bizarre Washing Up Method Is Seriously Confusing Fans

Salt Bae, London's most eccentric restaurant owner, has had his Instagram followers scratching their heads after revealing his characteristically bizarre technique for washing dishes. You can probably already imagine how he does it, but you still have to see it to believe it.

The video shared on social media shows Mr Bae - Nusret Gökçe to his mammy - instructing a load of his kitchen staff on how to properly wash dishes.

Apparently, the secret is to do it in an almost comically slow and sensual fashion, making sure to rub the plate as if it's your lover, before rinsing it off under the tap, leaving it to dry out, then gently caressing it once again with the tea towel.

Let's hope they've got a lot of plates and bowls at his restaurant, because washing them all like this is certainly a labour intensive process.

At the end of the video, Gökçe shows off the sparkling clean plate - fair play, he did a decent job - to the assembled staff, who seemed fairly impressed with his efforts.

Of course, he is their boss, so maybe they were just being professional.

As he cast off his apron towards them, the workers could be seen clapping and cheering for their heroic boss.

Hell, he only washed up a couple of plates, it's not that impressive a feat.

Still, on his Instagram account, which boasts more than 40 million followers, he wrote: "In business you must to know every details...from A to Z, okey?"

Well, quite.

If you're going to take all the plaudits and get all the cash, you should be willing to get your hands dirty in the process.

Also, if you're going to serve gold covered steaks and charge £11 for a Red Bull, you'd better make sure that they come on perfectly clean and dry plates and in sparkling glasses.

Some of his fans were confused by the awed expressions of Salt Bae's staff, with one writing: "Guys looking like it's rocket science."

Another wrote: "How I think dishes should be cleaned," followed by four crying with laughter faces.

A third said: "It's all in the detail."

Clearly, that's not a bad piece of business advice. It really is all in the detail.

That counts for double when you're trying to run one of London's most exclusive and most expensive restaurants.

Let's hope Salt Bae is as attentive when cooking his golden steaks as he is whilst washing one plate.

It's certainly an intense technique.

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