Mystery Vigilante Ties Robbers To Lamppost And Paints Their Faces Like The Joker

Credit: Twitter
A mystery vigilante group has reportedly been rounding up 'thieves' in a Mexican city, tying them to lampposts and painting their faces like the Joker.

Footage has been shared on social media showing a number of alleged criminals having been stopped in their tracks by the unidentified have-a-go heroes.

One photo posted to Twitter was of a man and woman who had reportedly been caught trying to steal someone's purse in Rio Bravo over the weekend.
Credit: Twitter
As well as giving the couple a makeover, the man also has the words 'I am a rat' painted across his chest, with the same words written across the woman's head.

After managing to break free from the restraints, the woman was reportedly about to try and untie her partner when a patrol car spotted them and stopped by to see what was going on.

Speaking about the bungled theft, the man allegedly involved is reported as having said: "I went after the woman. I took her purse. It was easy. I grabbed the purse to flee. "Right now there is no work and there is no money. It was easy for me to do that.

"I beg for the woman forgiveness. I was not right in the head. I was under the influence of drugs. I am very sorry. Please forgive me."
Credit: Twitter
Another photo posted online shows a group of men, again with their faces painted like the DC villain, walking in a line after having had their hands tied to one another.

But it's not just in Mexico where mysterious vigilantes have been roaming the streets.

Earlier this week, a California-based vigilante, who calls himself the 'Stockton Batman', claimed he had caught a double-murder suspect.

The man refers to himself as 'Bruce Wayne', and says he has captured hundreds of criminals over the years.

The Stockton Batman was allegedly in the town of Lodi when he spotted a local man covered in blood and had slice wounds to his hand and leg.

The Batman says he saw the two victims, who were found near train tracks in an area between Century Park and Salas Park.
Credit: Alamy
The vigilante detained the double-murder suspect and immediately called local police.

The suspect is currently in hospital, but police have not confirmed if the suspect is being detained for the crimes.

A reporter for CBS Sacramento said it wasn't clear whether the hospitalised man was even involved with the double homicide, or whether the Stockton Batman assisted the process in any way.

"Police are not commenting on the man's claims. They haven't even let us know or confirmed how many people died. The man who calls himself Stockton's batman claims in a social media post the two victims were stabbed," said the reporter.

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