Mr Beast Shares First Look Inside Real Life Squid Game, Goes Live Today

Credit: Twitter/@MrBeast
Mr Beast has shared a sneak peek of his 'real life' Squid Game, and it looks incredible.

The YouTuber has spent millions of dollars on rebuilding the entire set from the chilling Netflix series, from the stacked bunk beds to the red light, green light arena and even the VIP's viewing room.

He's even managed to rope in a bunch of people to take part in the challenges, as seen in a short clip posted on his TikTok account.
Credit: Twitter/@MrBeast
And ahead of the full video dropping later tonight (24 November), he shared a short clip from a couple of the games, including the honeycomb challenge and marbles.

Have a look here:

tomorrow 👀

♬ Pink Soldiers - 23

According to reports, he's forked out around $2 million (£1.49m) on recreating the six games from the TV show on an enormous set.

But it's not just a laugh.
@mrbeast Reply to @m1.6zzz since you all have been asking… #beastgame ♬ Pink Soldiers - 23

Mr Beast - real name Jimmy Donaldson - has recruited 456 people to take part in the six games from the series, with the challenges culminating in the final showdown - the Squid Game itself.

And while he obviously - we hope - hasn't been bumping off those who get knocked out, there's a lot to play for, with $1.5m (£1.12m) worth of prizes having reportedly been won.
Credit: Twitter/@MrBeast
Writing on social media earlier this week, Mr Beast said: "Our Squid Game with 456 random people competing in exact recreations of every game will be uploaded on Wednesday."

It's not the first time he has got a bunch of strangers to compete for money, though, with him regularly posting videos of people doing things in the hope of winning loads of cash.

However, this latest stunt has seen him come in for a fair bit of criticism after some claimed it seemed a little off.
Credit: Twitter/@MrBeast
One person said: "Y'all take things too far. juts enjoy the show like normal people and move on."

While another commented on one of his posts: "The whole thing was about the people killing each other to get out of debt as entertainment for the wealthy.

"Glad that went over your head and you, as a wealthy person, are recreating it as entertainment."

Others, however, have backed the Mr Beast.

"This is amazing! Can't wait to see it," said one.

Praising the YouTuber, another commented: "This looks insane!"

Here we have the live MrBeast's Squid Game recreation! Watch below:

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