Motorbike burnout gender reveal goes viral for all the wrong reasons

A gender reveal has gone viral for all the wrong reasons after the father nearly ran over the pregnant mother with his motorbike.

In the video posted on TikTok by @jus_mik_, the father-to-be is seen revving his bike for a burnout when the vehicle jolts forward over a brick, nearly knocking over the expectant mother in the process.

Blue smoke then emerges from the back wheel burnout while, off camera, guests shout “It’s a boy!” as they hysterically laugh about the awkward fail.
@jus_mik_ How TikTok stars are made #genderreveal #fyp ♬ original sound - JUS_MIK_

Things don’t get much better, as the mother – who is now down one shoe after she was almost knocked to the ground – bursts a gender reveal balloon, which leaves blue powder all over her face and that of her partner’s.

The video, captioned “How TikTok stars are made”, has more than 76.1k views and even has a safety warning attached, warning the action in the video could cause “serious injury”.

Viewers flocked to comment on the TikTok, with one labelling it as the “biggest fail I’ve seen”. Another said what everyone was thinking when they wrote: “Thank God she’s fine”.

Others also commented on the woman’s safety and her partner’s supposed disinterest. One user said: “When he’s more worried about the bike than saying sorry to her #redflag”.

Gender reveals have been taken to new heights over the last couple of years. Some have been sweet, while others have ended in tragedy.

Other imaginative stunts have gone viral for all the wrong reasons. These include a tree falling on a dad-to-be, a cannon hitting an expectant father in the groin and explosions that some have compared to the sound of earthquakes.

Let’s hope that this awkward fail is the first and last for these expectant parents!

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