Mom Stuns TikTok as She Reveals Huge Hospital Bill for Baby’s Birth: “America is a joke”

In a now viral TikTok, @shannonmayor revealed the cost of her visit to the hospital: $ 50,816.02. Although this was the grand total, the hospital bill further itemized how much Shannon’s insurance plan covered and what the final amount she owed, including coverage.

A new mom was shocked to receive the absurd hospital bill for the birth of her baby.

Fortunately, Shannon’s insurance covered the majority of the debt so she only had to pay $ 250.00 of the large bill.
@shannonmayor I wasn’t expecting the total to be that high 😅 #hospitalbirth #fyp #bills ♬ Wii - Mii Channel - Super Guitar Bros

The TikToker titled her post: “I didn’t expect the sum to be that high.” So far, the video has received over 7.8 million views.

While Shannon doesn’t have to pay the staggering amount, the 12-second video in the comments sparked a debate that left many appalled and frustrated with the American healthcare system. In addition, Shannon’s video highlighted the unfair disadvantage of people without health insurance.

“You shouldn’t even have to pay $ 250. America is a joke, ”read a top comment with 56.5K likes.

“I can’t believe that you literally have to PAY to GIVE BIRTH! What if you can’t afford it? Put the baby back in or ??? “

“Mine was 300k after a month in the neonatal intensive care unit. I just threw the bill away. How do I look?? Bill Gates ?!

Then TikTok users from around the world agreed in the comments to share their disbelief and how their own country’s health care compares.

“I mean, I would sue the hospital. From a Finnish point of view, paying 250 is simply outrageous, ”said one.

“In Singapore they pay you to give birth,” added another.

“* Sighs with relief in Canadian,” said a third.

“WHAT ?! Here in the Philippines it only costs 5-20 dollars WHAT YOU CHARGE SO MUCH? AIR ??” another wrote.

“0. With 4 weeks of bed rest in the hospital beforehand, 9 weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit and 4 weeks in the crèche. Dear Australia, ”said a viewer.

In response to the comment above, the new mom replied, “This post makes me leave America so much lol. I mean, I’ve already done it, but especially now. “

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