Man Constructs 300,000 Gallon Swimming Pool For Family And It Looks Like A Lake

Can you imagine living in a luxurious home with a pool the size of a lake? It would need to be a pool like no other pool, and one that can accommodate various activities such as balloon ball games, boat rowing, and more. In 2013, a couple from Sundre in Alberta, Canada decided that they wanted to make their family farm the go-to destination for the summertime. After a good bit of creative brainstorming, Jerry and Marina Leussink hatched their plan: they were going to build a swimming pool that they and their family and friends could enjoy. And by pool, we mean a really big pool.

The pool that Jerry ended up successfully installing turned out to be a massive 300,000-gallon pool (that’s 1.2 million liters) at the farm. The far is used by the Leussinks and their entire family as a resort where they can get away from it all and just enjoy each other. The pool measures 90 by 70 feet and it quickly became the primary focal point of the entire property. Although it’s 14 feet deep in some areas, Jerry made sure to include a shallow section just for the little ones. That section is also covered by a 30-millimeter poly liner to make sure the little kids are safe and comfortable at all times.
The way the family keeps the pool clean is by adding chlorine and rotating the water with a specialty-sized pumping system, much as you would any swimming pool. With an incredible design, the entire concept is absolutely amazing. Jerry did an excellent job of developing his idea and making it work. Here’s something that makes it even better: the pool has solar lights, making it ideal for night swimming.
Also, since it’s so huge, you can use boats and other large toys in it, so it’s a pool like no other. Most people don’t have the space or patience to make a pool this size, but if you’re lucky enough to have both space and patience to spare, this will give you an idea. The Leussink family will be enjoying this pool for decades to come. Watch the video below to get a close-up look at this amazing family play space.

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