Lou Cutell: Grey's Anatomy And Seinfeld Star Dies Aged 91

Lou Cutell, best known for his appearances in Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, has passed away aged 91.

His passing was announced by a friend on Facebook. Per Variety, no cause of death was revealed.

Mark Furman, the friend who confirmed Cutell's death wrote: "After 91 years, and a great life, my friend Lou Cutell went home.

"A film, theater, and character actor. Big Larry in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Ass Man in Seinfeld, Abe in Grey’s Anatomy S12, E4. He took me to Lucille Ball’s house in 1986. Rest in peace Lou," he added.

The late star began his decades-long career 60 years ago, appearing on Broadway in the Young Abe Lincoln musical, before making his TV debut on The Dick Van Dyke Show in 1964.

He later went on to land credits in The Wild Wild West, Room 222, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Mad About You.

One of his most notable portrayals was in a classic Seinfeld episode, where he starred opposite Larry David, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Jerry Seinfeld as the mysterious 'Ass-man'.

The 1995 episode of the sitcom is often noted among the best installments of the long-running comedy.

Cutell also appeared in a long list of classic TV shows such as Starsky & Hutch, Kojak, and Newhart.

The actor also appeared in a number of noteworthy movies such as the hit comedy Wedding Crashers, Clint Eastwood's Bird, and Jimmy Hollywood alongside Joe Pesci.

His final role came in 2015, playing Abe in an episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Following the news of his passing, fans and celebs alike have been paying tribute to the actor on social media.

One fan wrote: "I can't think of any modern actor more captivating without a single spoken line. My siblings and I spent hours wondering who he was, what he whispered, and WTF was up with his lapel pin. Lou Cutell made silence a thing of wonder. In death, he will always be Amazing. Ciao. #RIP."

Another added: "Sad day for Seinfeld fans, Lou Cutell passed away, what? You don't who that is? Why that's the Ass-Man. #RestInPeaceAssMan #RestInPeaceLouCutell #Seinfeld."

Paul Reubens also paid tribute in a thread on Twitter, writing: "Lou was surrounded by family who loved him when he passed. A couple of days before, I was lucky enough to be able to tell him how much he meant to me and that I’d never forget him. It’s obvious and corny to say, but nevertheless true: he was amazing."

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