Lion Plays ‘tug-of-war’ With Safari Jeep Full Of Tourists, Refuses To Let Go Of Tow Rope

Cats will be cats.

A hilarous footage captured in South Africa shows a massive African lion playing 'tug-of-war' with a safari SUV that was occupied by many tourists.

The big cat is seen clamping down on the car's tow rope from an elevated area and refusing to let it go. When it fell out of his mouth after getting stuck behind a tree, he headed down and clamped on it once again even as the SUV moved forward.

As a result, the lion was dragged a few metres by the vehicle. Towards the end of the clip, he is seen tailing the SUV with the rope still firmly in his mouth.

Tour guide Jabulani Salinda told Kennedy News said the lion appeared when the was leading a group of tourists through the Baobab Ridge Game Lodge in South Africa on 18 November.

“It was like a big cat playing with a toy,” said Jabulani.

Jabulani was already alerted about a male lion in the area by one of his colleagues. The lion appeared after the SUV got stuck in the dirt and had to be freed with the tow rope.

As soon as the vehicle was out of the ditch, the big cat spotted the tow rope and grabbed its end.

“Before I could pull the rope back in, it caught the eye of the lion. He wandered over and grabbed the end of it,” said the tour guide.

The tourists were concerned for a while that the lion's antics would bring it closer to the jeep, said Jabulani.

“I calmed them down and we were all able to enjoy the moment,” he said.

The tug-of-war ended only when a group of lionesses strolled past, prompting the male cat to release the end of the tow rope.
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