Jimmy Fallon Mocks Creepy Talking Christmas Tree With Nightmare-Inducing Appearance Located In A Canadian Mall

Woody the Talking Christmas Tree at Mic Mac Mall
Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon has publicly called out a ‘creepy’ Christmas tree which has a face, located in a Canadian mall.

Woody the talking Christmas tree has caused quite a stir after he returned to Mic Mac mall in Dartmouth.

Woody would definitely have worked better as a Halloween decoration, but the mall decided that this Christmas they would haunt members of the public instead, because why not just stick a weird, speaking, robotic face in the middle of a perfectly good tree?

The decoration has caused such a stir online that even Jimmy Fallon had to have his say, taking a moment during his show on Tuesday, November 23, to address the bizarre installation.
An older version of Woody first appeared in the mall 15 years ago, however, the latest update has since been branded a ‘sleep paralysis demon‘ and a ‘top contender for scariest Christmas tree in Atlantic Canada’.

Alongside sharing a video of Woody wishing shoppers a happy Christmas, Fallon noted the mixed response the figure has received, Global News reports.

He said:

A very unique Christmas tree display has returned to a mall in Canada. Some people think it’s cute while other people think it’s a little creepy.

Referencing the robotic doll from the hit Netflix series Squid Game, Fallon concluded: ‘Well, now we know what the Christmas episode of Squid Game will look like.’

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