Jeremy Clarkson 'stands by' Greta Thunberg 'smacked bottom' remark despite facing backlash

Jeremy Clarkson has told how he 'stands by' his comments about Greta Thunberg last week (Image: GETTY)

Jeremy Clarkson 'stands by' his controversial remarks about Greta Thunberg saying she deserves a 'smacked bottom' and has hit back at the criticism.

Last week (Nov 7) The Grand Tour host described the Swedish climate activist as an 'annoying bucket of ego' for trying to offer advice on how to fix the planet.

Writing about the 18-year-old in a column for The Sunday Times, Clarkson said: "I simply don't get the Thunberg phenomenon.

"She has no knowledge of how the world works, no manners and no letters after her name because instead of going to school, she's been busy sailing round the world so she can be mardy and abusive to grown-ups.

"What she needs is a smacked bottom."
Greta Thunberg spoke at Cop26 in Glasgow last week (Image: GETTY)

The 61-year old faced a heavy backlash from the comments and has now responded to it all.

Writing in his column for The Sun this week, he suggested that the climate activist has so far 'spent most of her school life outside the classroom' and reiterate that she needed 'someone to smack her bottom and send her to her room'.

In terms of the teenager's activism, the motor-enthusiast went on to claim that in two or three decades time, Thunberg will have 'packed it in' and will drive a 'volvo' with 'the central heating turned up'.

Clarkson added that his prediction was largely based on 'angry rock stars from the Seventies'.

He concluded: "There they all were screaming and bellowing about the Vietnam War and the Tories and the need for greater equality.

"And where are they now?
jeremy Clarkson's comments about Greta Thunberg sparked furious backlash (Image: GETTY)

Following Clarkson's original comments about Greta, people on social media weren't best pleased.

One user wrote: "61-year-old Jeremy Clarkson calling for 18-year-old Greta Thunberg to have her bottom smacked deserves a far more WTAF???? response than it got.

"Middle aged white men using column inches to have pops at a young girl who is concerned about the environment is just f***ing weird."

Another said: "There's a creepy shivery dirty old man weirdness to Jeremy Clarkson's attempt at humour this week in his rage at Greta Thunberg!"

A third added: "Today Jeremy Clarkson said Greta Thunberg 'needs a smacked bottom'.

"Real normal s**t."

A fourth concluded: "What is it about Greta Thunberg that makes all old guys get angry and defensive?

"Brilliant to see so many young people in Glasgow caring about this planet."

"Driving their Range Rovers round their trout lakes, that's where."

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