Instagram Model Found Dead After Being Dumped Outside Hospital By ‘Masked Men’

Model and aspiring actress Christy Giles is suspected to have been killed on Saturday following a night of partying. The 24-year-old’s body was dumped outside a Los Angeles hospital. Foulplay is suspected after the body of her friend and designer Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola was also found outside a hospital.

Giles was pronounced dead at the scene while Cabrales-Arzola has no brain activity and is currently on life support. Doctors declare that the 26-year-old only has a slim chance of recovery.

Prior to her death, Giles was last seen dancing at a warehouse party in East LA along with Cabrales-Arzola.

One of her friends is also now in hospital in a critical condition.

Giles husband Jan Cilliers says footage shows her being dumped on the pavement outside of the Southern California Hospital in Culver City by a group of men who were concealing their identities with bandanas over their faces and drove off in a car that had no licence plates on it.

Cilliers himself was away in San Francisco last weekend when the incident occurred.

According to another friend who went home early, Christy and the hospitalised woman Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola met a group of men while at a party before ending up in a West LA apartment.

He told ABC7: "I've got all the messages that she exchanged with anybody else that night and she was texting Marcela, the girl that she was with, at 5.30am saying let's get out of here with the wide eye emoji.

"The loss is just so hard. People share these amazing videos that they have with her and it just brings back her energy.

"I know I'll never get to see her or kiss her or touch her again and it is just so heartbreaking."

The authorities say that 12 hours later her body was dropped outside the hospital, whilst Cabrales-Arzola was then left outside the Kaiser Permanente hospital in West LA, where she remains and is in a critical condition.

Mr Cilliers continued: "Marcela's toxicology report came back, and I guess they found heroin in her system, which is nothing that either of those girls would ever do, not voluntarily."

The Los Angeles Police Department say their preliminary investigation suggests an overdose, which turned fatal in Giles' case.

Christy Giles was a model and often posted about her traveling adventures on Instagram. Her Instagram bio reads, “The grass isn't greener on the other side, it's green where you water it.”

The widower mentioned that Cabrales-Arzola was found drugged, as heroin was found in her system. He added that the two girls would never consume drugs voluntarily. He said in an interview with ABC7:

“(Cabrales-Arzola’s) toxicology report came back and I guess they found heroin in her system, which is nothing either of those girls would ever, ever do, not voluntarily.”

The grieving widower also stated that he was aware of all the messages his wife had sent last night. He revealed that Christy Giles had sent a message to Cabrales- Arzola saying, “Let’s get out of here,” at 5:30 am.

That was the last message the model sent before she passed away 12 hours later.

A GoFundMe page has been started by her family to raise cash to help pay for a private investigation into her death.

The page reads: "We appreciate any donations that will provide the resources needed in order to put a concrete case together to bring justice for both of these beautiful, innocent young women who are no longer with us.

"Moreover, to protect every other female out there who has been or could be grossly affected in a similar way."

A separate fundraiser has been started to pay for Ms Cabrales-Arzola's medical bills.

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