Idiot Attempts Armed Robbery, Gets Body-slammed and Squeals Like a Pig Instead

Some days, it just doesn't pay to run up on someone and attempt armed robbery. You may pick the wrong home. You may find out the hard way your target is armed. Or in the case of this viral video, the guy you're robbing may think you're a little bitch and respond accordingly. It's a story in three parts. Thug attempts to rob a dude. Dude is all like "seriously?" Thug finds himself eating pavement and squealing like a pig.

Make sure the volume is up.
Dude, how embarrassing for you.
Our hoodlum friend probably practiced this robbery all day. Posed in front of his mirror with his gun or knife trying to look tough. Rehearsing his line, " Give me your wallet or else," to make sure he gets the voice inflection just right. Maybe even rehearsed the robbery with his WWE action figures. Then, it's time to strike. "Mom, Chad and I are going out for a bit!"

Sometimes the best laid plans of mice and idiots go awry. I can only hope that one of our hoodlum friend's peers sees this video and is passing it around the school. He needs to be told "what sounds does a little piggy make" as he walks between classes.

Source : louderwithcrowder

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