Gas Attendant Who Paid For Woman's Fuel Gets Rewarded With 8 Years Of Salary

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A kindhearted gas station attendant who helped a stranded woman has been hailed a hero, and rewarded handsomely with the equivalent of eight years worth of pay.

21-year-old Monet van Deventer stopped to fill up her car with gas on the outskirts of Cape Town while driving to work in the South African city. Howe

ver, after stopping at the Shell garage, Monet realised she had left her bank cards at home and had no way to pay for her petrol. Worst of all, she faced driving through a notoriously dangerous part of town, where she could have easily become stranded.
Luckily, Monet had a Good Samaritan looking out for her in the form of 28-year-old Nkosikho Mbele, a station worker who have been helping to serve her.

Caring Nkosikho dipped into his own money to cover the costs of Monet’s fuel, making sure she wouldn’t end up getting stranded on the risky road ahead.

A deeply grateful Monet returned later that same day to repay Nkosikho, and even set up a crowd-funding appeal to reward him.

The story of Nkosikho’s generosity resonated with people throughout South Africa and beyond, with the crowdfunding page reaching £26,600.
Monet van Deventer/Facebook

As reported by the MailOnline, Monet gave the following account of her conversation with Nkosikho:

I asked the petrol attendant to hold off putting in fuel because I couldn’t find my purse and after a few minutes I told him that I had left my money and cards at home.

I said I would chance making it to work but he just said “No ma’am you can’t run out of fuel on the N2 it is too dangerous” and said he would put R100 of his own money into my tank.

She proceeded to explain how his thoughtfulness had made her day:

I was so shocked as it was such an amazing gesture and it made my day. I decided to make his kindness public and took to Facebook and then set up a crowdfunding page for him.

I couldn’t imagine people of South Africa both black and white would embrace his kindness in such a way and now Nkosikho has closed the account as he says he has too much money.

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