Dad Isn't Waiting for 7-month-old Daughter's Wheelchair So He Builds One From Online Tutorial

People seem to turn into superheroes when they become parents. Suddenly the impossible becomes possible and you live each day achieving things you had no idea you could do. This is especially true when your child is injured, or has special needs. You just...make it work.

This was the case for one mom who needed to find a solution FAST when her daughter was diagnosed with cancer.

Kimbery Moore's daughter Evelyn was only four-months-old when her parents found out she had cancer. Her neuroblastoma tumor had left her paralyzed from the arms down and she had trouble getting around. After eight months of chemotherapy, Evelyn thankfully went into remission but needed a new and better way to move more comfortably.

Kim discussed her daughter's options with doctors, but they all recommended letting Evelyn learn how to army crawl until she was old enough to use a wheelchair. Kim didn't like this idea, so she started brainstorming a better solution for Evelyn.

Kimbery searched the web for a smart solution and came across a DIY wheelchair tutorial on Pinterest. After reading extensively about what supplies they needed and the procedure, Kim and her husband got to work.

Kim and her husband wanted Evelyn to have independence and mobility, which is what kept them motivated while building the wheelchair.

Evelyn was seven-months-old when the wheelchair was completed, which is comprised of a Bumbo floor seat, kitchen cutting board, and wheels from a children's bike. The entire project only cost $100!

Since they were able to complete the project for a bargain, Evelyn's awesome parents can now save money for a bigger and better wheelchair when she's older.

Evelyn is a speedy little thing in her cute DIY wheelchair, and it's so adorable! Watch the video below to see her mom's hardwork in action:
[Source: Youtube]

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