Boxer Left Covered in Porcupine Quills After Fighting Porcupine

Boxer Bentley is a farm dog who regularly fights porcupines.

Bentley's owner Kennedy Johnston told Newsweek:

Bentley lives on a farm, and his job is to protect the other vulnerable animals on the property, and he does a great job of this. As well as being a protector dog, he is also a very much a loved pet and part of our family, but he still does have a job to do.

So when intruders, such as porcupines, come onto his land, he is trained to scare them off or get rid of them. These porcupine encounters usually happen during the night, and there are no humans around to keep an eye on him throughout the night.

Bentley really said: “I know your tik tok has been dry, let me take care of that real quick” ##vettech ##boxer ##veterinarymedicine ##porcupine ##quills

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TW: Blood 🩸 We haven’t had any porcupine patients lately so here is a little unseen footage of quill removal # ##porcupine ##quills ##vettech ##vetmed

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Johnston works in veterinary medicine so knows exactly what to do. And Bentley sat perfectly still as Johnston removed the quills by hand. Unsurprisingly, Bentley seemed to be used to the routine—it's the 12th time it's happened.

Call your veterinarian right away for directions. If it is a particularly bad attack, like Bentleys, you will probably be recommended to take your dog in and have them put under full anesthesia for removal. But if only a few quills, and none visible on the inside of the mouth, your veterinarian may direct you to remove them yourself at home. But ALWAYS consult your veterinarian first! It's free to make a phone call!

[Source: Youtube]

Credit: Kennedy Johnston

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