Baby Elephant Tries To Hide Behind The Light Pole After Spotted Eating Sugarcane

Around 2,000 elephants are living in the wild in Thailand, and one of them made headlines this week. A baby elephant was captured on camera in Chiang Mai, north Thailand, committing the cheekiest “crime” ever—the playful elephant was apparently feasting on some sugarcanes in a farmer’s field when approached by local people. In order not to get caught, the adorable baby animal hid behind a narrow post, making the local farmers and thousands of people online crack up with laughter.

This baby elephant went viral for trying to hide behind a narrow pole after locals caught it eating sugarcane
Image credits: วีรวัฒน์ พรหมเมือง

In Chiangmai, a baby elephant tries to hide behind a light pole after being caught eating sugarcane in the field.

Realising that humans were approaching, the baby elephant decided the light pole nearby would provide it with plenty of cover. It also thought that humans wouldn’t notice it if it stood absolutely still.

An estimated 2,000 elephants are living in the wild in Thailand.

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