American boy sends Chistmas box to Pinay girl not knowing he would marry her 14 years later

Who would have thought that you can find your soulmate by receiving a Samaritan's purse?

That happened to Joana Marchan who lived in Quezon City in the Philippines. She received a Christmas box one day when she was a young girl. The shoebox gift came from a seven-year-old American boy named Tyrel Wolfe.

For the uninitiated, the Samaritan's purse is a box that comes with goodies. This is prepared by an American kid. He or she sends this out to a kid living abroad, such as the Philippines, as a gift to a less fortunate kid.

She Sent Him Thank You Letter
Perhaps because of curiosity as well as gratitude, Joana decided to write a thank you letter to Tyrel, her sponsor. Unfortunately, the snail mail she sent failed to reach the recipient as it was difficult to send such a mail from the Philippines during the time.

She Sent Him Friend Requests on Facebook
Thanks to Facebook, the lady had another way to reach Tyrel years after. She persistently searched for him on Facebook and sent him friend requests, not once but twice. At first, Tyrel ignored the request. But in 2011, she finally got his attention. Tyrel messaged her asking how Joana got to know him. This then led to an inspiring love story.

The Marriage
Fast forward to 2014, the girl married the man who gave her Samaritan's Purse. At the moment, the two are now residing in the United States. Also, they continued the tradition of sending our Shoebox gifts to children, thanks to the Operation Christmas Child Project. This is to show their love to children.

There is no denying that one can find love in an unexpected way. For Joana and Tyler, it was the Samaritan's purse who served as the bridge to find each other and to finally have a happy ending in the United States. This might happen to you, too. Who knows?

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