A Surgeon Told A Patient He Didn’t Like Taylor Swift – And Her Reaction Was Priceless

If there’s one thing we know about Taylor Swift fans, it’s that they’re a loyal bunch.

For one dedicated Swiftie, this loyalty even extended to trying to convince her own surgeon how great the singer is – moments after getting her wisdom teeth removed.

In a hilarious TikTok, which has now gone viral, an exasperated teenager called Paloma is seen quizzing her doctor after he admitted that he wasn’t a fan of Swift.

The video begins with Paloma asking the oral surgeon “did you even play Taylor Swift during all of that?”, to which he sarcastically replies: “Absolutely not.”
With a shocked expression on her face, Paloma then asks if that means he likes Jake Gyllenhaal – Swift’s ex-boyfriend and the well-publicised subject of her latest releaseAll Too Well.

When he confirms he doesn’t like Gyllenhaal, she replies “good” but is still clearly unimpressed with her doctor’s stance, adding: “But you don’t like Taylor Swift?”

When he replies “not really”, she responds: “I can’t believe I let you perform on me”, prompting laughter from those around her.

She then refuses to open her mouth when he asks, adding firmly: “You don’t like Taylor Swift, don’t touch me.”

Still in disbelief, he adds “I don’t like country” to which she responds adamantly: “She’s not country!”

Paloma then plays him All Too Well (which is 10 minutes long) while singing along for full effect, before reluctantly opening her mouth.

The video has been viewed more than three million times and racked up more than 13,00 comments.

One person commented: “The silence when he said ‘absolutely not’, I can’t. Also I stan you for defending our queen.”

Another wrote: “The way you were ready to throw hands for Taylor.”

A third commented: “The fact he didn’t even pretend to amuse you,” with a laughing crying emoji.

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